If you love the outdoors and everything that nature has to offer, then spend some time reading this post for some of the best Lansing area hiking trails around.

My wife and I really enjoy hiking trails because not only are they relaxing and fun to walk, these popular hiking trails are a blast to go biking on.

We run into people all the time who are doing the same thing that we're doing, walking Lansing area trails.

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The one thing my wife and i do all the time is pack water and snacks just so we can stay hydrated during our walk, and even stop for a few minutes to enjoy a snack or two.

I found this article from Lansingfamilyfun.org explaining where we could find some of the best Lansing area trails around.

Some of the trails mentioned in the article are very good hiking trails and we wanted to give you a few of our favorite choices:

1. Delta Mills Park path. One of the best hiking trails around and it's a very big area with plenty of space to bike, hike, or just walk the trail along the river. I always find it peaceful to stroll along the river and see if anyone is canoeing down the river, or if someone is doing a little fishing.

2. Frances Park. This park is a fairly wide open area to enjoy walking, running, and biking. Plus Frances Park is well known for their incredible rose garden, which is the perfect spot to get married. Frances Park has roughly about a mile hiking trail to enjoy.

3. Meridian Township Trails. My wife and I are only five minutes away from the Meridian Township trails. You will see lots of trees along the hiking trails and many are paved too. It's a very nice walking trail in the Okemos area.

4. Lansing River Trail. If you're from Lansing, then you should be familiar with the Lansing River trail. This trail begins in Dietrich Park and continues throughout Downtown Lansing for enjoyable scenic views. Take along snacks and water because this trail is somewhat long.

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