There are certain rooms in this building where you can't get a good signal. Including the very studio I am writing this article in.

Nokia and Nasa are getting together to make sure that won't be a problem on the moon. Even if it's only 4G.

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Which will make this phone call totally possible.

Expedition 49 Landing Preparation
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No...nah bruh. I left. Yeah. I'm back on Earth. Just splashed down a few minutes ago. Still soaking wet from the ocean. What? You mean you're STILL on the MOON? Will I come back to get you? Bruh, your phone works. Better call Elon and ask him for Space X Uber to come swoop you up.

CNN says NASA is planning on building some lunar bases very soon. About 2028. Not too far in the distant future. And of course if we're planning on occupying the moon, we're going to need cell service so we can call people and do this.

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loading...'re never going to guess where I'm at. Go ahead...guess. Nope. Guess again. Nope. Just step outside and look up. Yeah. At the sky. You see the moon. Yeah...I'm waving at you like right now. Can you see me?

NASA put out about $370 million to over a dozen companies to develop technologies for the lunar base project. And Nokia got about $14.1 million.

NASA says 4G could provide more reliable, longer-distance communication than the current radio standards in place on the moon. Like on Earth, the 4G network will eventually be upgraded to 5G. (CNN)
Could you imagine being on a lunar base on the dark side of the moon calling your friends and family as you stare not at Earth, but the other side into infinite outer space?
When you talk to someone looking at that think about what it looks like. And what words you'll use to describe it to them. On your phone. On 4G.
Can you hear me now indeed?

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