Let's get right down to business shall we? Daylight Saving Time 2022 ends on Sunday, Nov. 6, at 2 a.m. Do you know what this means? An extra hour of sleep!

So make sure you set all of your clocks back one hour before bedtime on that Sunday as we return to Standard time.

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Here's a little history behind daylight saving time, courtesy of mlive.com:

Benjamin Franklin gets some credit for the idea of daylight saving time. He published a satirical essay in 1784 titled “An Economical Project,” in which he raised the idea of people getting out of bed earlier in the morning to lessen the pounds of candles per hour being burned.

Overall, once Daylight Saving Time ends, we'll get more sunlight during the day, which is something we all can look forward too.

This means we all get to wake up at a normal time on Sunday morning, November 6. A lot of people see the extra hour of sleep as an excuse to stay up later so you can sleep in longer.

But the best advice we can offer, is to get up at the same time and use the extra hour to go for a walk or to run a few errands.

Another point of view is that an active lifestyle and a healthy breakfast diet can work wonders for your sleep. There's nothing better than fresh air and a little exercise to help keep you energized.

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