It seems like the job market has been getting a little better lately. But to get the real good gigs, you need to know what you're doing to give yourself the edge. The interview process was always something I was good at. But you need to have a great resume to get through the door.

Here are some of the most common resume mistakes according to TopResume

10. Your formatting and/or design is too much.
9. You've included a headshot, which could be considered an ego thing.
8. There are repetitive words or phrases that are used in multiple job descriptions.
7. The resume is too generic and hasn't been customized for the job you're applying for.
6. You've used annoying buzzwords and/or obvious keyword stuffing.
5. You haven't given specific examples to demonstrate and quantify results.
4. There is outdated or irrelevant information.
3. You've used an unprofessional email address.
2. There is incorrect or missing contact information.
1. You've made several spelling and grammatical errors.

I would always ask someone (or a few people) to look at my resume before I send it out.  You can also contact a professional resume writer. Generally it's better to keep your resume at one page if you can.

Also, don't forget the cover letter. And make sure you have the person who's hiring's name that it is spelled correctly.

You'll also want to make sure all your contact info is correct because if they try and contact you and can't, they just may move on to next candidate.

Have any job tips? Any good interview stories?

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