Its here and it appears to be a new 'thing'. Are you ready for it?  Mac and Cheese flavored candy canes, and yes they sound so weird.

Last year we were introduced to Pickled candy canes, so now they have up's the weird flavor vibe.  I love Mac and Cheese but don't think I even want to give this one a chance.

getty images

I wonder how many people will be hanging Mac and cheese Candy canes  from their Christmas Tree this season.

Now on to Halloween for a brief moment.  It would seem like Dole is out to ruin Halloween, this year they have 'fun size' mini salads.  I am sure all the kids out trick or treating would love to get a mini salad instead of a Snickers or Kit Kat Bar.  (seems like that might be a good way to get your house egged or T.P'd.)  That would be as much fun as getting a box of raisins or a coupon.

Just giving you a heads up....


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