A new stratospheric Polar Vortex is starting to appear over the Arctic Circle. It will slowly merge with the west phase of the QBO and the La Nina in the Pacific Ocean, to produce a very influential combination for the Winter 2020/2021. Accuweather just came out with its forecast for Winter, and the East Coast is expected to have “Near-normal snowfall”, and more likely experience cold and snow at the start of the season, with a pause in of the wintry weather in the middle. In the Southeast, a cold snap could require even Floridians to wear a jacket. Fortunately, it is not going to last though, temperatures will level out as the season moves on. One area where the weather is not as predictable, is the Plains or Rocky Mountains. What about the Mid-West?

 Yahoo Lifestyle reports A team of long-range forecasters, including Senior Meteorologist Paul Pastelok says “The middle of the nation may go through some big swings in temperatures, [and] dry and active periods,” Paul explained, noting that there may be “periods of subzero cold.” So, if you live there—start shopping for a new winter coat!

Folks on the West Coast should savor fall while it lasts, wintry weather is expected early this year. For the Northwest, Northern California and the Rockies, mountain snow and stormy conditions could be arriving late fall. Paul says “while you may not love snow, the early storms are actually a good thing.” California and Oregon experienced a nasty wildfire season in that region, winter could put an end to it. The one thing we all know about winter in the mid-west, no matter what the forecasters say, it will be as unpredictable as ever.

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