Answer:  Who are the Detroit Lion's.  Great !!!!!

The question on Monday nights episode of Jeopardy read like this..

'As of 2018 This NFC North Team had never even made the Super Bowl, much less won it, but by 2030 ?  Gotta happen,, right?'

That came in the category 'Predictions by 2030.  So we have become (once again) a joke and this time on Jeopardy.  Great !

The answer, of course it was the Detroit Lions, was answered by a contestant who runs a marketing and consultant from Portland .

The writers of Jeopardy, say they did not intentionally take a shot at the struggling team. but to all of us long suffering Lions fans it most certainly was a shot.  For all of us Lions fans it was once again a painful reminder as to how long our team has been losing,
Well there is always next year...…….

New Orleans Saints v Detroit Lions
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