Well, there never seems to be a shortage of folks doing very odd and strange things.  When I read what is going on, all I can do is shake my head..  Here is a couple of the latest stories.

Naked woman, bathtub and Cheetos.  In a rather odd affidavit police in Louisiana have reported a woman was arrested after she was found taking a bath while eating Cheetos in a strangers home.   29 year old Evelyn Washington has been arrested, she was also charged with burglary and property damage.   The homeowner found the stranger in the bathtub that was filled up with water, a plate of food was sitting beside the tub and a half eaten bag of Cheetos was also found there.   The 29 year old woman claims, in her defense, that an unknown man told her to break into that house.    Well it appears, even though she is clean from the bath, she will be spending time in jail and hopefully be getting some much needed 'medical attention'.

Our next story happened in Westland Michigan earlier this week.  Apparently there was a rather wild crash involving at least five vehicles and ended with a man getting out of his car and taking off his clothes.( because that is a totally natural thing to do)  Police said the pick up truck came barreling down the road and plowed into the vehicles.  It was after the crash that the suspect got out of his truck and got naked and to add even more weirdness to the scene.....he began dancing and saying "wow man, wow man....I'm okay" to police.   Well he was arrested and police are still trying to determine why he acted so erratically.    Oh, and luckily no one was hurt in the crazy crash.

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