Two things happened on Sunday that came as no surprise to anyone.

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The Lions lost because...well, the Lions gotta Lion. Supremely bad against the Seahawks 29 - 51. We're now 2-13-1.

Thankfully, we'll be put out of our misery next week when we're scheduled to lose to the Packers at Ford Field at 1 pm.

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions
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And now for something completely different, but the same.

Just when you thought former CMU football star Antonio Brown was doing ok after some years of questionable football antics, the hot mess showed up again this past weekend to put the Lions losing to shame and completely make you forget about his and my alma mater winning their bowl game.

This was good news.

This right here...not so much.

Word is Mr. Brown was upset over lack of playing time and being benched. So instead of taking it all in stride, we got a little Magic Mike action and a little "peace see ya later I'm gone" as he left the field.

Brown played a key role for the team last week in a win over Carolina with starting wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin missing from the lineup. Brown had a game-high 10 catches for 106 yards in that win. Then this Sunday against the Jets, his production wasn't there, and Arians appeared to bench Brown after just three catches for 26 yards. (Newsweek)

Temper, temper...

You're on a team with Tom "freakin" Brady. A defending Superbowl championship team BTW who'll be headed to the playoffs. How do you get so frustrated in a game against the Jets that you up and strip off your uniform and run off the field in the middle of the game?

How'd that work out for you?

Yup. And we're thinking that's a wrap for you and the career Mr. Brown.

This little tantrum may have just cost you a career and a ton of money.

And bruh...when O.J. Simpson is clowning you, you're done son. Inexcuseable.

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