Where the streets have weird names.

It's not just Michigan that has some pretty weird street names, this is something that every state in the U.S. has.  There are streets named after celebrities' and then there are the very, very  strange names.  Really makes me wonder who is charge of selecting some of these street names.

Weird Street names in the U.S.

Livonia, Michigan holds the honor of having 2 streets on the 'weird name list.'  The city has 'No Name Road' and 'Jughandle Road'.  In  the city of Troy you will find the intersection of Corporate and Crooks, year, that just makes me smile.

There is a street in Traverse City that once held the title of "America's most bizarre street name'.  Psycho Path, is a private road in the Northern Michigan town of Traverse City and yes, it is for real.

Other bizarre street names from across the United States, 'Assawoman Drive' in Bloxom, VA, 'Dork Street' in Pico Rivera, CA, 'Potatochip Rd.', in California, MO, 'Booger Branch Road', in South Carolina, or  'Dingleberry Road', also in South Carolina.  In Minnesota, you can take a drive down 'Oink Joint Road', in Alaska its 'Yellowsnow Rd', the state of Arkansas gives us 'Farfromopoopen Rd', and in Arizona the town of Holbrook is where you will find 'Bucket of Blood Street'.  Interesting story behind that street name.  Around the 1880's the town was known for its outlaws, and Cowboys.  Lot's of drinking and gambling and then the gun fights, so the name "Bucket of Blood St.' sort of fits.

This street name in Colorado is so long that it took 2 street signs, I present to you ' A Dog Will Lick His Butt, But Won't Eat A Pickle Rd', located in Fountain, Colorado.  On the Island of Oahu, Hawaii is the 'Ma'ipalaoa Rd' which translates to "whale genitals", and I am good with not knowing how that name came about.

Finally in our list of strange road names across the United States, and with a not to our Governor Whitmer, its 'Damm Road' located in Wadesville, Indiana.

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