Security cameras were installed in businesses and also in homes to keep property and homes safe.  The cameras do that, but they also have caught some pretty interesting and just plain weird things as well.

One of the more interesting things caught on security camera was from Florida where a woman swears she caught a small dinosaurs running through her backyard.

The 'dino incident' was caught on security tape last week.  Cristina Ryan decided to share her security camera video that was taken after 3 in the morning.  I am not sure what made her go back and check the footage but she did captures a small creature running on two legs.  After watching the video several times, it does kind of look like a small dinosaurs, maybe even a small raptor.  Yes, apparently I have watched Jurassic Park a few to many times.


That was weird, right?  My question is could a gator, a small alligator, run like that?

If you go to YouTube you will find lot's of video of some very strange and down right frightening things.   Many trail cams have shown animals, which is what you would expect to see, but some have shown some very creepy and hard to explain things.

In Michigan, security cameras have caught many people acting very strangle and also caught people acting like criminals.   Take the Mother and daughter who were seen taking some lovely potted plants off someone's porch.  These two woman were unbelievable.  They backed their car into the driveway and then started grabbing the pots of flowers and putting them in their car.   This happened in broad daylight.

One of my favorite videos shows a delivery man who has an arm full of packages, he tripped over a pumpkin on the porch and took a hard fall.  This is when the delivery driver went nuts, kicking all the box's he delivered and then he started kicking the pumpkins and anything else he could find.  This video is hysterical and captures the driver on what probably was his last day of work.

Video captured in Livonia shows a man lurking outside a woman's bedroom window.  Shootings, a ghost at Atwater Brewery, a flaming meteor and even a heavenly Angle were all caught on tape.

No matter where you go, Big Brother is watching and so, apparently, are dinosaurs.

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