Always look forward to the weekend, especially Sunday which is my one day off from work.   I handle Sundays 2 different ways, hit the ground running and keep busy all day (Church, shopping, cleaning, ect…..) or just laying on the couch wrapped up in my favorite blanket and watching movies.  I am currently catching up on some of the Avengers flicks so when I go see Endgame I won't drive my husband crazy asking questions during the movie.  So, check on that plan.



This weekend was going to be the start of my running outside.  Currently use the treadmill, but I am such a total klutz  that I tend to fall off the machine a lot, and yes that is embarrassing.




After a quick check of the body,  I thought yup, time to get back to running.  So check on that one.

I did get to dress up Saturday night   for the Fur Ball, which raised over 100 thousand dollars for the Capitol Area Humane Society.        Photos courtesy

Monica Harris TSM

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