Super Tuesday claims more victims. It was a great day for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.  Both candidates had great showings yesterday. However, it was not so great for a couple of other candidates.

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg dropped out after a dismal showing. He is now endorsing Joe Biden as the democratic nominee.

Elizabeth Warren, who vowed not to quit (in fact, she is supposed to be in Lansing on Friday) is talking with her team today about the future of her presidential campaign.  Warren, who said she is the woman to beat Trump, had a plan for winning that didn't work. In 18 nomination contests, she hadn't finished above third including in her home state of Massachusetts.

The remaining candidates will be setting their eyes towards Michigan, a state that tends to vote democratic. Expect the political air in Michigan to be electric with our primary next week, Tuesday March 10th. It's going to be an interesting ride.

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