I'm old enough to remember a good handful of things about Jackson...

WKHM's Talent Parade shows at the Michigan Theater
Bea's Drive-in
Burger Chef (now Fazoli's)
Midnight Movies at the Westwood Mall
Progress Place
Cookie's Used Records
Record Hut
The Back Door (bands and dances)
Granny's A Go-Go
Baker's Book Mart
Dances and rock bands at the armory
Charlie Bell
Happy Hiveley
Capitol Theater
Family Theater
Fairy Gardens
Shoppers Fair
Howard Johnson's
The Dome
Tom's Tiki Room
Jackson Drive-in
Bel-Air Drive-in
Ray Lantz Music Shop
The Peanut Room
Drum Room
YMCA Blue Light Dances
AMC car dealership
Wimpy Burgers
Quality Inn broasted chicken dinners
Moby Dick's
Crazy Horse Saloon
Roseland Inn
Bill Cones
Whiskey & Water
Rock concerts at Ella Sharp Park
Loud and Jackson's
Thom McCann Shoes
Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" at the Capitol Theater

That's just a tip of the iceberg...and a giveaway at how long I've been around.

The above list are things I definitely recall. But Jackson memories don't just rely on what I – or you – remember. That's one of the reasons I enjoy delving further into Jackson's past, hoping to find more little nuggets that are mostly all-but-forgotten. The gallery below is the fourth one that features many images of old Jackson...maybe a few you'll know or recall! Then come back and take a look at the first batch of Jackson galleries: one, two, and three!

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