Here's another extensive photo gallery of things in and around Jackson, going back to 1900 and possibly earlier.

In this collection you'll find images of some old time Jackson residents, shops and stores you never knew existed, businesses you may recall, vintage Michigan Avenue shots, Otsego Hotel, school, sanitarium.....oh heck, there's too many to mention here.

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Taking a trip through an old vintage photo gallery is probably the best thing aside from actually going back in time, which some of us wish we could do for a day or two. But then again, we're so spoiled with all the conveniences like internet services, mail order goods & groceries, air conditioning and heating, quick-brewed coffee, insect control, paved long to you REALLY think we'd last if we went back to the early 1900s? As I said, I'd like to try it for at least a day or two...then I'd be ready to come back 'home'.

This is the third installment of Vintage Jackson photo galleries. You can check out the first one here and the second one here. No matter how old you are, you have probably forgotten a little piece of Jackson that you used to see or hear about all the time. That's the fun of galleries such as little image could bring back a flood of memories. It can also be a curiosity for those who weren't even around yet. Either way, these old photos are here for us to enjoy, learn from, and laugh with.



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