We all know Detroit's nickname is The Motor City. But there are a handful of other nicknames bestowed upon the city. According to Deadline Detroit, they are:

The Arsenal of Democracy
The Automotive Capital of the World
The City of Reinvention
The D
D Town
Detroit Rock City
Hitsville, USA
The Paris of the Midwest
The Renaissance City
Startup City, USA
The 313
Tiger Town

Before we get to the gallery, here are just a few quickie trivia facts about Detroit:

1) Detroit turned 321 years old in 2022.
2) The Detroit River is not a river. It's actually a strait that connects two lakes: Lake Erie and Lake Huron.
3) The “R” in 'John R Street' doesn't stand for anything. It was named after Detroit's first mayor John Williams who gave himself the middle initial “R” with no period after it.
4) Detroit was the first city whose residents received individual phone numbers (1879). 5) Based on the number of potato chips eaten, Detroit is the proclaimed “potato chip capitol of the world”. On average, Detroiters eat about seven pounds of chips a year.
6) Kmart originated in Detroit in 1897.

Okay, that's enough for now.
This is the second gallery of vintage Detroit images.
In this one, you'll find vintage ball players, homes, businesses, postcards, parades, performers, a paper boy, the auto industry, foundries, furs, theaters, food prices, street photos, shops, stores, cops, tattoos...you know – everything that made Detroit what it is.

When you're done looking at the images, come back and take a look at the first vintage Detroit gallery here. Hope you enjoy it!

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