How big is the gaming world these days? HUGE! There's not one person in Michigan who doesn't know at least one or two gamers.

Even my own son, Blake, is a gamer. He has a great time playing some of the more updated games these days, and my son actual makes money at it.

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I'm not a gamer myself although I do really enjoy playing some video games when I have time off from work. Some of those games include "Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Kung Fu Master, and Tetris."

Speaking of Tetris, how would you like to check out an actual video game show and swap meet this Saturday, November 5?

According to

The event, which will feature a video game tournament, game show and Tetris master, is taking place at the Knights of Columbus at 19801 Farmington Road in Livonia on Saturday, November 5 from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Admission is $5 at the door.

I would love to be a part of a video game tournament, but it all depends on what video games they choose to play. Here's more from

The tournament games include “Smash Brothers Melee,” “Tetris,” “Goldeneye” and “Mario Kart Double Dash.” If you want to play in the game show or any of the video game tournaments, you can just sign up in person.

Can I just say if there was a "Pac Man" tournament or a Galaga tournament going on, I would have a chance at winning!

One game I remember playing for hours at a time was "Tetris." I loved that video game and couldn't get enough of it. If you like "Tetris," then you're really going to like this.

There will also be a “Tetris” master at the event. Jacob Huff, a graduate of Clarkston High School and current student at Oakland Community College, finished second in the 2021 Classic Tetris World Championship and in the top 10 this year. He will be teaching a “Tetris” master class.

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