I remember drinking my very first Vernors soda pop back in the early 70's and how it tasted so good.

I just remember how some of the fizziness from the Vernors drink kind of went up my nose and made me laugh so hard.

Even after all these years, I still drink Vernors on a regular basis because it has such a unique different taste than most other soft drinks.

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Did you know that Vernors has been around for many years? Mlive.com tells us how many years:

Vernors is one of the country’s oldest sodas. Created by James Vernor of Detroit, it has been around for 156 years since it was first served to the public in 1866, according the Detroit Historical Society.

Here's something new from Vernors that we can all look forward to here in Michigan. Vernors has officially unveiled their first new flavor in decades.

When we say decades, we mean more than 50 years. The new flavor is Black Cherry Ginger soda. It will be available for a limited time only this summer.

Mlve.com adds:

Michiganders will be the first in the country to try the new flavor as Keurig Dr. Pepper says the Black Cherry Ginger soda “will be launched exclusively in Michigan and surrounding Toledo, Ohio this summer.”

I love Vernors and I can't wait to try their new Black Cherry Ginger soda. Here's the best part, Michiganders get to try Vernors new drink first.

I think I'll even make a Vernors Black Cherry Ginger soda ice cream float. Very simple to do, two scoops of ice cream in a drinking glass, pour in Vernors new soda drink over the ice cream and enjoy a delicious summer treat.

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