With Valentines Day fast approaching, many who don't like shopping will start to panic.  Could giving the perfect gift make or break a relationship?  I hope not, but better to be safe than sorry, sad and alone.

For years the standard Valentines day gift was roses and a heart shaped box of chocolates.  Flowers and candy are a lovely gift but maybe it is time to shake things up and search for a more unique gift this year.

More and more companies are offering a different gift for this holiday.  Even 1-800 flowers is getting in on the act.  The company offers wonderful flower arraignments but you can also order a huge caramel apple  covered with pink and white M&M's or chocolate - caramel covered pretzel rods covered in candy.

One of the Valentines day gifts I will be giving is small heart shaped box's from Hickory Farms containing sausage, cheese and spicy mustard.  Say happy Valentines day with a grand gesture, a big gift basket filled with candy, cheese, crackers, sausage, popcorn and a nice bottle of wine.  In my eyes, wine always makes a nice gift.

One gift I stumbled upon was a heart shaped box filled with chocolate truffles and it comes with a plush pig.  Now here is a safety tip, i would not give a pig as a Valentines gift, that could really back fire on you.

Here are a few more gift ideas, a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich maker, a table top indoor fireplace, this works by burning rubbing alcohol which makes for a smokeless odorless  fire.  A DIY Organic Bath Bomb Kit,   For the Valentine who likes it hot, how about an insane box of Hot Sauce from the tame to the hot hot.

Flowers and candy is still a wonderful gift but if you want to look like you really put some effort into finding the perfect Valentines day gift, then start looking while you still have time.

Take some time, look around you will find what you need, or 1-800-baskets.com can help.

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