Soon it will be winter and that can only mean one thing, winter family fun for all Michiganders.

Instead of complaining about how cold it is outside, or how much you dislike snow, why not change it up by creating more family fun and enjoying all that winter has to offer.

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First on the list is skiing. Not only is skiing lots of fun, it's one of the best activities to enjoy during the long winter months.

Where are the best places to go skiing in Michigan? (

Favorite downhill ski resorts include Boyne Mountain Resort, Boyne Highlands Resort, Crystal Mountain and Cannonsburg Ski Area, among many others. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park not only offers Alpine and Nordic skiing but ski-in winter cabins as well.

How would you feel about checking out frozen waterfalls in Michigan? A couple that my wife and I know do exactly that every winter. They drive to the Upper Peninsula just to look at beautiful frozen water falls. Some Michiganders even try to climb frozen waterfalls.

Here's something else you could try for the very first time, ice golfing. This would be a first for me too, sign me up please. So how does ice golf work?

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Saint Ignace puts a cold-weather spin on a warm-weather favorite at their annual Ice Golf Scramble. Participants putt brightly-colored balls on the frozen Lake Huron surface in daylight hours…and resort to glow-in-the-dark balls once the sunsets.

Ice skating, sledding, and snow tubing should also be on your list of fun family activities to enjoy this winter. This is most certainly a family favorite. Everyone loves sledding and snow tubing.

There are so many wonderful things you can do this winter to keep the entire family active and happy. Would you like a few more ideas? (

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