At work the other morning, Danny and I were talking about food (not a big surprise we talk about food a lot) and I happened to mention my dislike for watermelon.  Well let me tell you, that statement was met with shock. Come on, it's not like I am the only person who doesn't like the taste or smell of watermelon.  My sister Margo also dislikes watermelon.

We sure opened up a can of worms with this question. What universally loved food you can't stand. For Danny it is spinach and raisins, separately because if they were cooked together that would be disgusting.

We already know I hate watermelon, but just to clarify, I hate the taste and smell of all melons. Some listeners agree with me. Angela doesn't like watermelon either.  Melissa can't stand watermelon and guacamole, Okay, but I love guacamole; just had it last night.  Cathy B. loves watermelon but hates musk melon to which I agree, dislike all melons.  Along with a dislike of watermelon other listeners can't stand pineapple and coconut plus bacon and ice cream. What??  Yes, Jo can't stand bacon and ice cream (picture my jaw dropping to the floor).

Michelle doesn't like pizza or pasta (seriously). Peggy can't stand cake.  Apparently it's the texture of cake she doesn't like. Okay, I have never heard of anyone not liking cake, that is a first.

Terry doesn't like olives. Okay, I have met a few who share that dislike, but just let me add that I love olives. As a child growing up Santa would put a jar of olives in my stocking at Christmas.

Dianna gave us quite a list of foods most people like but she can't stand and that list includes peanut butter, pineapple, coconut, grapefruit, raisins and anything that tastes like black licorice.

Patty hates all mushy foods, Rachel dislikes ranch dressing, Marlenne can't stand lima beans, and Michelle hates chili.

The one breakfast food on the list that the majority of people love, but not Ed, is pancakes, waffles and syrup.  Wow, sorry Ed, but that sounds good to me right now.

So today we have proved that just because a food is universally liked by the masses, doesn't make it a favorite for all, like watermelon.

You can see more of the comments answering the question that we posted on the WFMK Facebook page.

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