Study Links Ultra Processed Foods To Cancer
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If you are trying to eat healthy (good for you), navigating the supermarket can be a bit tricky.  Nutrition facts are complicated and you might just look at the calories and stop there.  Keep in mind that some higher calorie foods are not that bad for you, like Peanut Butter

There are some snacks that are going to be better for you than others....example, you won't feel the same if say you ate a bag of potato chips instead of a healthy bag of trail mix. (grrrrrrrr!)

Here are some of the worst snack choices you can make

Chocolate candy bar..they are made with more sugar and processed gunk  than anything else, some say they keep you full and satisfied with crunchy peanuts.   Just eat peanuts and leave the candy bar.

Corn Chips,delicious and salty but some contain many chemicals and artificial ingredients, and they consider one serving to be 11 chips.   Seriously?

Doughnuts..these boxed treats sit on store shelves for a long time so you know they are loaded with gunk you DO NOT want in your body.

Fruit Pies..again, full of chemicals, but delicious..   I often wonder if some of these products with their list of ingredients/chemicals , could also be used as a fire starter.

Gummy candy..Pure sugar and coloring.   that's it.

Packaged cookies...some could live on  a shelf longer than you live.

Pork do you make fatty pig meat less healthy?  Fry it and cover it with salt.

enough said there.

When trying to eat clean, remember fresh is best.

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