I already have most of my Christmas shopping done. I love giving gifts but I hate seeing my bank account depleting slowly every holiday season...I'll bet you do, too.

Here's a way you may be able to add some dough to your holiday shopping this year...whether it's for food or gifts.

You could win $1,000 and maybe even $10,000 in WFMK's "Ultimate Payday."
The only part of this that's a drag is.....I ain't eligible.

But at least I'd be satisfied if a WFMK listener won...especially if it's someone who regularly listens to MY show, 3p-7p, Monday thru Friday. WOW...obvious plug.

We're givin' away cash throughout the entire month of November, so get crackin' and read all the details by CLICKING HERE.

Then get busy and be listening every day to win. At 7:20 every weekday morning, Danny & Monica will tell you what times of day to listen for that cue to call.

Oh, heck, just click the link above and read all of it...I hope you win...and if you were one of the few who read this post, I DOUBLY hope you win!

You won't get any harassing phone calls...no obnoxious e-mails...no terrible tweets or texts of terror...no nuttin' except our gratitude and possibly a wad of cash. Check out the CONTEST RULES for yourself.

Good luck!