I’ve seen satellites during a dark, starry night, moving slowly across the sky, mixed among the planets and stars…but the only time I ever saw something in the sky that could have been a UFO happened in the early 1970s.

It was late one night and I was on my way home down M-50 between Jackson and Napoleon. As I was heading west, I saw a white bright light hovering just above a tree along the side of the road. I thought that was kinda weird, so I pulled over to get a better look. A helicopter, maybe? Nope – no noise came from this thing at all. I opened the car door, got out and looked up at the tree top; as soon as I did, the light went WHO-O-OSH and took off so fast I couldn’t see it after one or two seconds. It went from just hovering in mid-air to disappearing in split seconds. I was never to know what that thing was.

Almost twenty years later, people all down the west side of Michigan – from Ludington to Allegan County down to the Michigan/Illinois border - witnessed strange lights of their own, hovering in the night sky. It was on March 8, 1994 when numerous unexplainable lights were seen by residents, scientists, police officers, and meteorologists…..and none of them could explain what it was they saw.

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According to an MLive article, some of the witness comments include:
“The lights were in a straight line, stationary, just above our tree line.”
“The one…..to the far right was starting to slowly move and it was just gone in a flash.” 
“The lights were so bright, I could never see beyond them.”
“There was no sound…..that’s the thing that stands out most to me. Dead silent.”
“Our whole living room was like a spotlight. It was so bright.”
“It wasn’t doing anything except going as slow as it possibly could.”
“It was a chrome material, cylinder shape and they were going around in a circle."
"I saw no windows and then lights coming out at the bottom.”
“The lights went from light to green and they were fairly close together.”
“It was moving at around 100 miles an hour…it just stopped and hovered.”
“(The lights) were going together and coming apart.”

The lights continued moving until they got over the southern portion of Lake Michigan. The objects seemed to be ‘meeting up’ with many more things – spacecraft, whatever – and they began doing different types of aerial feats. A part of this story I have a hard time swallowing is the claim that these things could travel a distance of 55,000 feet in mere seconds by going an incredible 72,000 miles per hour. Now how could a witness figure that out?

There is an episode of Unsolved Mysteries titled “Something In The Sky” that tells the entire story…look for it on Netflix. Meantime, the government has released video of various UFO sightings by the military, as you'll see in the gallery below.

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