If I was ever elected President one of the first things I would do is to call a meeting with the heads of our military and scientists. I would ask them "are UFOs and aliens real".  Not sure I would want to hear the answer, but I would definately ask. Come on, who wouldn't want to know, seriously.

Former President Barack Obama was a guest on the James Corden show where he laughed off the idea of the government having secret locations where they were holding alien ships and alien technology. The former POTUS said in his video chat that when he came into office, he actually asked.  President Obama did add that there is footage and sightings that simply can't be explained.

Throughout time there have been reports of unexplained things in the sky, in truth when video recorders were popular I thought the number of sightings would go down, but that was not the case. Armed with their video recorders and now cell phones more and more people are documenting the UFO sightings.

It's 2021 and UFO sightings are on the rise right here in Michigan. The number of sightings in our state has been on the rise for the past 2 years. This past April there were UFO sightings in Clarkston and the Battle Creek area had unexplained objects in the sky in March.

It is funny that when people say they have spotted flying objects and strange lights in the sky we consider them crackpots until we see something unexplained.  That is exactly what happened to me. I was commuting at the time from Owosso to South Lansing in the wee hours of the morning. Heading west on I-69. I saw what looked like a street light up ahead on the highway.  I remember thinking to myself who in their right mind would put a street light on this random stretch of roadway, That bright light then shot up in the sky, hovered a bit then took off heading west at a very high speed. Yup, it was not a street light.

After deciding that I would keep this encounter quiet, more and more people reported seeing the same thing. That means that I saw my first, and hopefully last UFO.

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