Traveling across Michigan is sometimes a bit pricey for a family vacation. The beauty of living in Michigan is that we have so many options of where to go. Down state, up north, East side where you greet the morning sun, West Michigan for unbelievable sunsets. For many residents, vacation would not be complete without crossing the Mackinac Bridge and exploring the Upper Peninsula.

Here is a list of some fun spots for the family that are affordable and fun to visit. My husband David Andrews and I went to some of these places last summer. I give most of these stops a thumbs up.

You could stay in Paradise, MI, located right by Lake Superior. An absolutely beautiful area, probably why they got the name Paradise.

Take the family to see the Owls at the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory. This is especially fun for the kids if they are Harry Potter fans.

Last summer I had my first visit to the Oswald Bear Ranch. At the ranch they raise orphaned cubs and also keep them even after they are grown into adults. The bears will live their life there, and there is no mating. Once they are old enough, the females are separated from the males. We did get to be with a cub and feed it honey off a spoon.  Even as cubs they are very strong.

Tahquamenon Falls where the beauty will take your breath away.

We are truly blessed to live in a state where we are surrounded with beauty and incredible lakes. Ya gotta love the Mitten life.

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