Even though it happened two years ago, this photo showed up on my newsfeed again today. Michiganders are clearly never going to let Fox News forget their mistake. But do you blame us?

Michigan's Upper Peninsula is Not Part of Canada

The picture was circulated by Marquette Today on their Facebook page recently, but the incident itself took place back in 2020. And no, it's not photoshopped. Snopes confirms that this graphic was actually displayed during Sean Hannity's broadcast.

I know what you're thinking. This happened years ago, why should I care now? I'll tell you why. The fact that the image keeps popping up on social media means something. If Michiganders were truly over it, we wouldn't have such a strong reaction every time we see this photo...and yet we do.

It's pretty simple, really. News outlets should never get something like this wrong. I mean, it's children's geography, is it not?

Or maybe we all keep bringing this mistake up because Michiganders are sensitive about the Upper Peninsula. We're proud that it's a part of our state, and when people don't recognize that fact, it upsets us.

If you ask me, it all goes back to the Toledo War.


What Does the Toledo War Have to do with Michigan's Upper Peninsula?

Michigan has been a state since 1837 after the Toledo War where Michiganders and Ohioans fought over the Toledo strip; a swath of land along the Michigan and Ohio borders. Ohio drew its borders with an incorrect map, and when Michigan applied for statehood, they claimed that territory as their own. At the end of the Toledo War, Ohio ended up with Toldeo, and Michigan received the Upper Peninsula. Michigan definitely came out ahead on that deal. Wisconsin is super mad that the U.P. isn't considered part of their state, but they can get over it. 

For 185 years, the Upper Peninsula has been a part of the state of Michigan. So why does it seems like news outlets keep getting this wrong?

Also, I feel like this person had one job, and they failed at it. Could they not have just Googled it? Google is free, y'all.

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