The University of Michigan is set to appear in its first Big Ten Championship Game since there was a conference switch to the two-division set up back in 2011. Facing Iowa means a big game for the Wolverines, but something else will also be on their minds when they take the field on Saturday.

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Like the majority of the state, the players are still reeling over the unthinkable school shooting that took place this week in Oxford, Michigan. The tragedy left four students dead and seven others injured including one teacher. Although the big game is huge for the Michigan football team, they wanted to be sure to lend their support and love to Oxford.

The Michigan football team announced Thursday that they will wear a logo on their uniforms during the Big Ten Championship Game that honors the victims of the Oxford High School shooting. The team made the announcement on social media saying.

“Our uniforms will feature a special logo during Saturday's Big Ten Championship Game. The shape is of Oxford's ‘Block O', meant to honor all victims, survivors, and community members."

The logo will feature four hearts in honor of the four lost students, Hana St. Juliana, Madisyn Baldwin, Justin Shilling, and Tate Myre. It will also feature 'TM' and '42' to pay tribute to Myre who was a standout football player at Oxford. It has been reported that Myre was shot while trying to disarm the shooter during the attack, and is hailed as a hero.

There's no doubt that when Michigan meets Iowa in the Big Ten Championship game Saturday night at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, a little bit of every Michigander will be on that field "playing" for Oxford.

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