`If you are going to purchase your turkey, or have already done so, the price of the bird is a bit easier on the wallet.  In fact, prices are the lowest since they have been since 2010.

Lets say you are cooking for a group of 10 (in my case less than that...more leftovers), so this year you can expect to spend on average $48.90, not bad.  That amount is down 22 cents from last years average.

Good news for me, I am still working on my grocery list, I will be shopping later today, and I love the idea of saving money.

Karen Jones, from Georgia says she plans to spend three days cooking and will spend around $300 dollars for her Thanksgiving feast.  Jones sys Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday of the year.  It's home based, it's food based, it's comforting.   It is a total family tradition.


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