What is happening at Torch Lake.  The Northern Michigan lake known for its beauty and sandy bottom is seeing changes.

The Detroit News is reporting that residents of the beautiful lake in Antrim County are getting very worried.

Rick Welsh, a part-time lakeshore resident, said the golden brown algae was first noticed about a decade ago, but now grows in thick mats and sticks to the otherwise sugar-sand bottom of the lake in Antrim County’s Torch Lake.

Torch lake is known for its beautiful waters, along with is nice firm sandy bottom, so seeing this change is alarming to those who live or vacation there.  I can only imagine how they must feel. So many of us take such pride in our lakes, like me with Higgins Lake, known as the 6th most beautiful lake (sorry, totally bragging).

You may remember that Torch Lake was known for a huge party that was thrown on the sand bar earlier this summer. Well so far several people have tested positive for COVID-19. It is a great lake and incredibly popular.

Many tests are being done on the lake and one test in 2018, according to the Detroit News, found that ground water had been found to be mixed with compounds from septic drain fields. Many tests are still being done to figure out what is happening and how to put an end to it so folks can go back enjoying their beautiful lake without having to step in the gross, squishy mats on the bottom of Torch Lake.

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