Recently, a list was made of favorite TV characters who are well-known for getting the other characters (on their respective shows) in trouble or giving them a hard time. These characters aren't evil.....they just represent the negative as opposed to the positive nature of the other characters on their shows! If you have others, send 'em!

Here's the list:
10) HERB TARLEK (WKRP In Cincinnati)
9) ERNEST T. BASS (The Andy Griffith Show)
8) LARRY MONDELLO (Leave It To Beaver)
7) ARTHUR SPOONER (The King Of Queens)
6) ROLLO LAWSON (Sanford & Son)
5) MR. HANEY (Green Acres)
4) POTSIE WEBER (Happy Days)
3) NEWMAN (Seinfeld)
2) LUCY RICARDO (I Love Lucy)
1) EDDIE HASKELL (Leave It To Beaver)

Ken Osmond, a/k/a "Eddie Haskell"