If there's one thing for sure, bowling is an activity that most all people can participate in. Most of the time on weekends if you go to any Lansing area bowling alley, the lanes are packed full of bowlers.

Why? Because bowling is fun and just about everyone can participate. I've been bowling on Lansing area leagues dating way back to the early 80's.

I do enjoy bowling on leagues, on the other hand, I also like to bowl with family and friends when ever we get the chance.

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When you're out bowling with friends, it really doesn't matter if you throw your bowling ball in the gutter or not. It takes the pressure off bowling in leagues.

There are several reasons why bowling is the perfect fun time activity.

1. Just about anybody can do it. It's just a matter of picking out a ball at the bowling alley, putting on bowling shoes and then just throwing it down the lane. Kids can use bumpers for a little extra bowling ball guidance as well.

2. You can drink and eat while you bowl. That's the best part. You can order some nachos, a pizza, two or three drinks, or whatever and just keep bowling. You can't do that in most other sports.

3. No equipment required. Love this part. Just show up for bowling because everything you need is right there. Just turn it all back in at the front desk and you're out the door. Simple and easy.

4. Back and forth contest. Your family is bowling on the left lane and another family is bowling on the right lane. The family that bowls the lowest scores has to help wash and wax the winners car. Just make it something fun for everyone.

5. Arcade and bowling. Most bowling alleys have open bowling and an arcade. Why not bowl two or three games and then head straight for the arcade to play several games.

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