"Michigan accent? What are you talking about?". This is what I think whenever I talk with someone outside our fair state who says we say things funny in the Great Lakes State.

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I realize that not all states consider the garage the front door, and that's okay. They are of course wrong, but that's okay. It also seems other states don't take the estimated time of arrival given by your navigation system as a challenge. That too, is okay.

 These 11 Words Are Dead Giveaway You Are From Michigan


Other than words, there are ways to spot a Michigander. Get behind the wheel with one and watch them instantly go into obstacle evasion mode, carrying on a conversation while dodging crater-sized potholes, and spotting deer from roughly 5 miles out.

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Or sit quietly while passing a steep driveway (no matter the season) and wait. If they don't say "Phew, I'd hate to go that in the winter" or "I don't envy the guy who has to clear that!", they aren't from Michigan.


But back to the Michigan Accent. I asked my wife, who was raised in the south to describe what it sounds like and she said: "Y'all take any vowel and stretch it out, mostly the A's."

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Think you don't have a Michigan accent? Take the following quiz, answer honestly, and you may be surprised. Either that or the rest of the country sure has a funny way of saying things and making left turns.

These 11 Words Will Perfect Your Michigan Accent

Wondering how people instantly know you're from Michigan? Maybe you're from Ohio and you're looking to return the favor by stealing signs and, you have to blend in. Here are 11 words that only people from the Mitten State say correctly, while also serving as a dead giveaway as to where we are from.

'Welp (knee slap), looks like it's time to read the list.'

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