It is totally acceptable and probably reasonable that you may have let cleaning you house slide just a bit.   Well, you may be working from home now, and because of social distancing you probably aren't having any visitor's.  So you might be letting things slide a bit.   It is kind of hard to feel the urge to clean when you have been living in flannel pants and t-shirts since March.

The problem with this 'relaxed house keeping' is that at some point it is going to drive you crazy and you will need to clean, seriously you WILL NEED TO CLEAN.

If you have waited to long and the mess seems a bit overwhelming ,  some designers can help you learn to tidy quickly.

These cleaning methods will give you a road map to follow , one that will focus on the shortest path for you to have a cleaner space.

#1 The 'Laundry Basket' method.   To get started grab a laundry basket and go room to room picking up everything that isn't where it is suppose to be and toss it into the basket.  This allows you to tidy without without getting distracted.

#2  The 'Clean Surfaces' Method.   This cleaning tip has ;you focus on one surface at a time, so you don't get overwhelmed and give up.  For instance, your desk, clean that off then move on to another area.  Keep doing this and stay on task and it should not take you to long to having things looking good.

#3   The 'Cleaning Clockwise' Method.   If you get distracted while cleaning (ME) it might feel like your spinning in circles with nothing to show for it.  Cleaning clockwise means you pick a point in the room your in, and start cleaning clockwise.  If the mess is pretty big keep at until the room is cleaned up.

Before you know it your home will be tidy and you will be ready for guests,( after you shower and put on real clothes),  just try to stay on top of the mess making and you should be good to go.

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