When you decide you hate a food, what things do you usually give as your reason?

Is it that it just tastes bad, is it the texture or is it just something that visually grosses you out?

There are tons of nasty foods out there and even more disgusting combinations.

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I, for one, do not consider myself a "picky eater" but I do absolutely hate cottage cheese, cucumbers, chicken wings on the bone just to name a few.

For me, a lot of things come down to texture and visuals. I can't even look at a raw, dead fish without wanting to hurl but I LOVE sushi!

There are a lot of either weird or truly common foods people hate so Zippia looked into the foods each state collectively hates the most.

Turns out, in their data they found as far as America as a whole goes, we hate olives the most. Personally, I think they are more of an acquired taste and I have Bloody Marys to thank for getting me to actually like them.

However, we here in Michigan hate one tiny fish in a big way and those would be...ANCHOVIES!

Now I've never had anchovies because I just inherently know I will hate them. Between their unfavorable portrayal on TV and the fact they are just tiny fish you can eat whole doesn't sit right with me.

Then there are those monsters who want them on pizza...why is that even an option!?

All in all, we know we all have some food quirks and things we don't like so if you happen to be a Michigander who loves anchovies...more power to you.

There's a saying I saw once that said "you could be the juciest peach in the world but there will always be people who don't like peaches" and I think that stands for anchovies too.

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