You don't need dial up or a cordless phone to know when your favorite 80s bands are playing at a venue near you with this new site on the world wide web.

Who knew that a band that had one big hit in 1982 might still be touring in 2019? I went to see Howard Jones in Detroit on June 19. (He's not the one-hit-wonder.) Men Without Hats* were the opening act and the kids loved them, and I'm not just talking about "Safety Dance." The crowd was bouncing and enthusiastically into the music; I was floored. Now, I saw Howard Jones in 1985 and 1987, then again in 2015 and 2019—he's that great live, but I expected nothing from Men Without Hats.

I admit, I may have a concert ticket problem. Any time I don't have some in my possession for an upcoming show, I get anxious. I'm always a little afraid if I don't go to a show, I may never get to see this artist or band again. That's why I saw Paul McCartney in 2005. Luckily, I've seen him twice more since then. I never got to see Mr. Mister back in the day but I got to watch Richard Page sing it with Ringo Starr on drums and Toto's Steve Lukather on guitar—it was incredible! John Waite is coming to Michigan this October and I already have my ticket and the night off for a bucket list show.

Now, there is a new website called that has the tour dates near you for all of your 80s stalwarts that are still traveling the world playing those songs that we grew up on. Go ahead, bookmark the site, buy that ticket and I'll see you at the show.

*Yes, I know. Technically Men Without Hats are not a one-hit wonder but nobody remembers Pop Goes the World until they hear it again and then don't care about hearing it again for another 30 years.

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