Welp, it's official - this engagement is better than ours. And yours. And everybody else.

According to its Wikipedia page (how cool is it that a comet has a its own wiki?!), C/2020 F3, otherwise known as the Neowise comet, is a "long-range comet with a near-parabolic orbit" that was discovered with the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer space telescope earlier this year.

It's one of the brightest comets that has been visible to the naked eye since Hale-Bopp back in the 90s. By the time it reached within visible distance of us mere earthlings, it was even brighter than when it was discovered and had developed a second tail, making it even easier to spot in the night sky.

You've probably seen quite a few photographs of Neowise over Michigan in the month of July...

...but have you seen it timed-out with a marriage proposal?

John Nicotera and his girlfriend Erica Pendrak are both teachers in the state of New York, and John is a self-described "space nerd." He had planned on proposing, and enlisted his friend, photographer Tim Leach, to come with him and Erica to his family's home in Old Forge, NY.

There, he managed to time out his marriage proposal to Erica with Neowise shooting overheard - a phenomenon that won't be seen again for almost 7,000 years.

And she said YES!

'Tim froze time for us so we could live this moment forever,' John told the Daily Mail. 'I've never seen anything so beautiful.'

Gonna be hard to top the engagement with the wedding, so it's best that they don't even try. Congratulations!

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