And at less than $30, they're affordable, too.

The Elf on the Shelf has exploded in popularity over the last few years, mainly thanks to social media. Parents are coming up with more and more creative ways for the mischievous doll to move around the house and keep a watchful "eye" on the kids before Christmas.

And now, an Etsy seller has found a way to make the adorable elf dolls more widely representative of kids throughout the world.

BrightEars is an independent seller located in the UK who's been making inclusive dolls and accessories for kids with special needs for years. And now, she's wading into the Elf on the Shelf market.

BrightEars via

For as little as $13, you can order themed hearing aid clip cords and accessories. She offers everything from Paw Patrol to princesses to Minecraft.

BrightEars via

The Elf on the Shelf collection can include everything from a feeding tube to cochlear implants to a cleft lip.

BrightEars via

The dolls are made-to-order and can take up to four weeks to ship so if you want one for your child for this Christmas, you'll need to order ASAP.

I love how inclusive dolls are becoming a "thing" now. Barbie also just released a line of dolls that have everything from a wheelchair to vitiligo. Let's make ALL children feel included and represented!

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