There are certain things you should never leave in your car no matter what. One of those things is your cell phone and your wallet or purse.

You never want to leave anything in your car that attracts thieves. If you have to keep something valuable in your car, the best thing you can do is to make sure it's not visible to anyone. (when in doubt take it with you)

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Here are several things you should never leave in your car:

1. Sunglasses. If you leave your sunglasses in the car on a really hot summer's day, then you're asking for trouble. There is a good chance that the plastic will melt. Or your glasses will be too hot to handle once you're back in the car and ready to roll.

2. Soda pop or wine bottles. This is all related to certain temperature changes in your vehicle. If it's too cold in your car and you leave a six pack of coke in the back seat, there's a good chance a few of the pop cans will explode. Wine bottles could burst if it's too hot in the car.

3. Anything flammable. Let's say you go to the paint store and purchase a can of turpentine or even spray paint for an outdoor project. Make sure you take these products out of your vehicle right away.

4. Electronic devices. Never leave cellphones, laptops, small flat screen TV's, or anything involving electronics in your car. Temperature changes inside the vehicle can damage your electronic toys.

5. Any dairy products from the grocery store. This includes ice cream, cottage cheese, milk, or anything that can spoil if left in the vehicle for too long.

Hope this is all helpful for you. Always double check your front and back seats to make sure all valuables are out of the car. Take your cash, phone, and your car keys with you and hide your phone chargers. has a few extra things you should never leave in your car.

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