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Michigan. You gotta love home. And while we are quick to point out the things people from Boston, New York, and Down South might say and THEIR ACCENTS, don't you dare say we have one.

Cause we do. We just don't know it or hear it (and most folks describe it as kind of nasally...real talk).

But head out of state or have some friends visit. We have a heck of a time explaining our "slang." Cause that's what the Michigan accent really is. It's a lot of Midwestern with a lot of shortened words and things we're not gonna let go anytime in the near future. Peep the video above and take note of some of the things that we Michiganders say (and do).

  • The Mitten. It's our state and the quickest geography lesson we've got. Where am I from? Talk to the hand that I'm pointing at.
  • Where'd that "S" come from. Case and point - Meijers and Krogers. We love pluralizing stuff.
  • Pop. It has always been and will always be. End of discussion.
  • OPE! One of our favorites. Not oops or excuse me. Just OPE!
  • Didja? As in did you?
  • Imunna. As in I'm gonna. Which is slang and short for I'm going to. We love to shorten stuff up 'round here lol.
  • Meer. Nope. Not like come meer. A meer is that thing you look in to check your makeup.
  • C'mere. Speaking of come here.
  • Secretaria State. Lol. As in Secretary of State. We'd be better off saying DMV but OPE!
  • Cloze. Cause it sounds like clothes. But we meant close. As in close the door. Fix that "s" with a "z" cause we use those for the Krogers and Meijers.
  • And while we're turning S's into Z's, let's not forget to turn all the T's into D's. Butter is now budder and letter is now ledder.
  • Party Store. It might be on a corner but that's not what we're gonna call it.
  • And to get there you might have to take several Michigan Lefts.
  • Yoopers live in the U.P. and Trolls live under the bridge (not the Chili Peppers song...that would be California). See also fudgie you tourist you.
  •  Poonch-key is both Polish and delicious, but don't you dare ask us how to spell it. See also Ham-Tram-Mick and Ip-sah-lan-tee.
  • Ohio is a four letter word no matter how you say it.

These are just a handful that we could think of and have fun with. If we missed any (OPE!), please message us using the chat feature of our app.

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