Michiganders take pride in one of our state's most recognizable foods, the Upper Peninsula's signature pasty. What would you do with a potato chip flavored like one?

Or I should say, what would you do for a potato crisp flavoured like a pasty. After all, these are a British product, as are pasties, of course. The meat, potato and rutabaga filled pastries are straight outta Cornwall, that's why the product is named Tranditional Cornish Pasty. The company behind them, The Great British Crisp Company, describes the chips like this:

Working with Warren’s Bakery, the worlds oldest pasty maker, we have created the UK’s first pasty flavour in a crisp. A burst of rich steak, fresh vegetables, Cornish potatoes and pastry in one bite.

We searched Amazon and Amazon.uk and couldn't find them available. So unless you've got a trip to the British Isles planned soon, or just want to drool over the photos on their Facebook page, to get that pasty taste, you may have to stick to the real thing here in Michigan.

The Great British Crisp Company makes several other flavours of Britain including a Fish & Chips, um, chip, as well as English Breakfast (not the tea - rather bacon and tomato), roast beef & horseradish, and chicken tikka masala.


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