Driving home from our time in the Land of Cheese (aka Wisconsin), we decided to take the northern route. Traveling through our U.P. is always beautiful, but this time of year with all the colors it is absolutely stunning. Once the rain stopped, the views were unbelievable.

The closer we got to St. Ignace, the stronger my taste for a pasties got. Being that it is off season, it took us awhile to find a Pasty joint that was open.

Well, we hit the jackpot. David and i stopped at 'Taste of the Upper Peninsula' and Zodiac Party Store.  Sounds weird, but we had the traditional beef pasty and it was amazing (always order it with a side of gravy).

If you didn't know much about the pasty, let me fill you in. They have been around in the U.P. since the mid 1800's. They were brought to the U.P. by miners. The miners' wives would cook up the warm sandwich, wrap it up in their aprons and race them down to the mines so their husbands and sons could enjoy a nice hot meal during their work day.

From that time on, not only have pasties survived, but they are now a tourist attraction.  We ended driving around a bit until we found 'Taste of the Upper Peninsula', and holy cow were they amazing. We split a traditional beef (with gravy of course), and it really was out of this world. Highly recommend on your next trip north.

During our pasty search, we discovered the bridge over the cut river, and basically we found fall. It was absolutely beautiful, and the pictures just don't do it justice. Sometimes it takes reminders like that for me to remember that we are blessed to live in the state of Michigan where each season brings its own beauty.

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