The tales that emanate from Fowlerville are numerous. So numerous, in fact, that it tends to make one believe some person with a fertile mind and too much time sits around and creates these supernatural stories that are said to be true.

Here are the final five Fowlerville fear fables:

1) MURDERED ON PROM NIGHT: The ghost of a dead girl in a prom dress has been seen along the highway. Her dress is soaked in blood and she seems to be reading something. Some say this is one apparition you do NOT want to approach if you happen to see it. 

2) DEAD PILOT'S FINAL PHONE CALL: One of the downtown public telephones has been the site of an air force pilot's spirit speaking on the phone. 

3) WOMAN IN FLAMES: There's a certain trailer (or mobile home) in town where an image of a woman in flames has been seen, carrying a gasoline can and stumbling through the structure. Did she die in a mobile home fire?

4) FARMER WITHOUT A FARM: The apparition of a straw-hatted farmer has also been seen floundering his way through a mobile home, believed to be sitting on the site of what was once his farm.

5) THE GREEN GHOST: The ghost of a weird woman has been spotted in one of the downtown empty buildings; her face is said to be a sickly green.

Well, that's it. That's the final five Fowlerville Fear Fables I have.
Urban legends?
No doubt.
But even urban legends are based on some sort of fact.

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