Let's begin by saying that Tuesday, April 7 is National Beer Day. Who doesn't enjoy an ice cold beer for just about any occasion.

I really love drinking beer during Detroit Tiger baseball games. Nothing is better than an ice cold beer and two or three hotdogs at the baseball stadium.

So the question is: why is beer the World's Most Beloved Drink?

According to time.com, a trip to Munich's annual Oktoberfest comes with a few guarantees. Lots and lots of food including sausages, baked pretzels, buttered noodles and more.

Music and parades will provide constant entertainment. And most importantly, plenty of beer for everyone.

The world's largest beer festival draws in a lot of money for Munich. Tourists coming in to sample the brews need places to stay, spend money on other restaurants and need taxis to get around.

But beer's impact on Munich is not isolated. The brew has impacted the way people unite and interact with their communities since the beginning of time.

Beer is one of those drinks that you can enjoy at just about any event: Weddings, barbecues, at the beach, camping, out with friends, bowling alleys, baseball games, football games and more. All this talk about beer is making me very thirsty!

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