I know this sounds crazy, but I've always been fascinated by penguins. They are so much fun to watch and to imitate at times.

Penguins are a very unique group of aquatic birds that cannot fly. In general, penguins live almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere.

So where can we find penguins here in Michigan? We can find a penguin exhibit here in Lansing at Potter Park Zoo. The type of penguins you will see at Potter Park are Magellanic penguins, which are medium sized compared to other penguins.

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Where can we find the world's largest penguin facility in Michigan?

Ans. The Detroit Zoo

According to mlive.com:

Located at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, the 33,000-square foot Polk Penguin Conservation Center first opened in 2016 and is home to more than 75 king, rockhopper, macaroni, gentoo and chinstrap penguins.

The penguin exhibit at the Detroit Zoo is now officially open, even though it had been closed since 2019 for waterproofing repairs.

I'm trying to picture 75 penguins in my head. No wonder it's the largest penguin facility in the world. And just think, it would only take you just over an hour to get there.

I don't know about you, but I could spend hours watching penguins walking around, swimming, or whatever.

Mlive.com adds:

Some upgrades were made to the area while it was closed, including to a section of glass flooring which allows guests to see the birds swimming below their feet. There's also more nesting areas, a second snow machine, better lighting and new exhibits focusing on changing climate and the resulting loss of sea ice.

It's time to take a trip to the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, Michigan, to see the largest facility in the world.

One more question, are penguins dangerous?

Ans. No. Penguins are not dangerous and have very little fear of humans. Good to know!

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