A lucky Powerball winner in Maryland scooped up the huge $730 million dollar jackpot yesterday leaving us with the Mega Millions crazy $970 million dollar jackpot this weekend.

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The winning Powerball numbers were: 40, 53, 60, 68, 69, and Powerball 22. 

Now one can't be too upset, because you have another shot at a BILLION dollars this weekend. That's the third-highest the jackpot has ever been in Mega Millions history. Even with a lump sum payment, you're looking at $716 million dollars for some random numbers on a piece of paper!

With the jackpot getting this high expect the payout to explode this weekend if no one wins. With the odds of you winning be set at 1 in 302,575,350 it's hard to have confidence when purchasing a ticket. But, you shouldn't have your heart set on winning anyway, that's a quick way to developing a gambling addiction. Instead, have fun with it! Buy one ticket and sit on it.

I've seen tons of people buy countless tickets only to turn around be out an extra $50 or $100 dollars that could've been spent elsewhere. Remember it's ok not to win. Just enjoy the suspense, and don't get lost in this nonsense.


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