Being a lifelong Detroit Lions fan is hard work, especially when they lose the way they did to open the 2020 season.

Most Lions fans have heard the phrase, "Same Old Lions" before, and for good reason. The Detroit Lions have found ways to lose more games than I care to think about. This season the roster is actually very good on paper, and my optimism was high. The Lions wasted no time in bringing that optimism back down to reality.

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Things started off on such a good note with the Lions latest addition, Adrian Peterson, breaking a long run for his first carry. Despite having to settle for two early field goals, the Lions managed to score a touchdown just before half.

When the fourth quarter started, things looked really good for Detroit. We had a 23-6 lead over the Bears, and all the momentum. Over the course of the fourth quarter, I watched multiple three and outs, and even a tipped pass interception. Next thing you know, the Bears have a four point lead.

Not all hope was lost though! Stafford had the Lions positioned to score with seconds on the clock when this happened.

So let's just get this straight. The Lions dominated the first three quarters, and looked like they were going to start off the season with a big win over a division rival. They blew the lead in the fourth quarter, and then dropped a wide open touchdown at the end of the game to win.

Even the person running the Lions twitter account was feeling the Lions frustration.

With that loss, the Lions joined a new level of lead blowing teams in the NFL.


I guess the only positive thing we can take away from this game is that fans didn't have to watch this collapse in person. There was a tweet I saw from a barstool account that pretty much summed up 2020 and the Lions in one swoop.

Maybe next week we can get our hopes up to have them crushed again.


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