A local legend that originates from Stockbridge is about an old hermit who lived in the woods and an old woman who lived on the other side of the dirt road in another part of the woods.

People who grew up in Stockbridge have claimed to see the old hermit, saying that anyone who comes into his territory deep in the woods may never be seen again...or if they are, they're not alive anymore. This woodsy area is now known as the Unadilla State Wildlife Area, east of Worden Road.

Years ago, a couple of buddies of mine claim to have hiked through the woods back & forth, intentionally searching for any signs of the hermit. They say they found an old hut with a big black pot in it...but for cooking or boiling what? Or WHO?

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As far as the screaming woman in another part of the woods on the west side of the road, she was (maybe still is) referred to as the "screaming b*tch" who terrorized young lovers who parked in the woods to make-out.

A couple I knew who were parked in the woods making out one night happened to see a shadowy figure looking into the car window and screaming maniacally as she slinked away, disappearing into the woods. Others say they have heard her crazy laughter on the other side of McIntyre Lake, just off Worden Road.

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There used to be a small dirt road that went back to the lake which has since been blocked off so teenagers could no longer drive back there to neck. I went back to the west woods many times as a kid and actually saw a noose hanging from one of the trees on the west side of the road, back near the woods.

Another local urban legend or is there some fact to it? I figure all urban legends have to start with something factual...but what is it? Unfortunately, you may not be able to get into either of these woods anymore...I don't know, I haven't been there in years...but ya never know.

Good luck.