These aren't new apparitions by any means. These fairy doors have been in the Ann Arbor area since the early 1990s.

With that being said.

How did these tiny doors come about, and where could one visit a few if they did please?

Maybe fairies just really exist...

The Fairy Doos In Ann Arbor, What Exactly Are They

The next time you make a trip down to Ann Arbor, make sure you keep your eye out for these little doors, as they are around the city. Small doors have been appearing all around the city since 1993. What is the story behind them?

Is this something you would take the family out to check out the next time you are in Ann Arbor?

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It is customary as well to leave something for the fairies when you do visit one of these doors as well. So, maybe gather the kids and a few goodies you could leave outside the door?

Have you ever seen any of these doors before?

If not, would this be something you'd take your kids out to look at? I don't have kids, and this seems like it would be interesting enough in itself.

They even offer maps for you to follow so you can find all of the doors and have more fun while you're doing it.

Open the station app or get social with us and let us know. Is this something you think would be worth taking your children or even grandchildren out to go and see?

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