The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Roaming Show
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The Eagles greatest hits album has just 'moonwalked' past Michael Jackson's Thriller album into rock and roll history.  The Bands greatest Hits 1971-1975 has become the best-selling album of all time.

That album is now certified 38 times platinum.  The Greatest Hits LP released in 1976 knocked Michael Jackson off the top spot and he is now down to number two which is 33 times platinum.  Today its just not album sales but also downloads.

Fun Fact: The Eagles album 'Hotel California' which was released in 1977 is now 26 times platinum, which makes it the third best selling album of all time.

The band broke up in 1980.  Don Henley is known for being very direct and he says, of the group he had been with since 1971, that the band died with his long-time musical partner Detroit-er Glenn Frey.  Saying how he could not see how he could go out and sing without him, he was the one who started the band.

The band has since preformed and musicians like Glenn Freys son, Bob Seger and Jackson Brown have all stepped in.


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